Friday, April 24, 2015

Fitness Center Project

The CGBSD fitness center project is underway. For the continued quality of our physical education and athletic programs, as well as an upgrade to community fitness programs and existing outdated weight room and locker room facilities, a fitness center is in the works. The fitness center project includes plans for the addition of a 4000 square foot fitness weight, and cardio area; a 6100 square foot wrestling/multi-purpose area; two 690 square foot storage areas; and an upgraded locker room facility. Included in the project is the acquisition of fitness equipment such as treadmills, elliptical machines, spinning bikes, free weights, and universal weight machines.

As a way to help off-set costs, the CGBSD Board of Education has developed a plan to secure funding from outside resources by forming partnerships with business organizations and area foundations. The CGBSD is seeking your support as well and has established a goal of acquiring $600,000 in donations and naming rights to help off set costs. Please check out the CGBD fitness center webpage learn more about the fitness center, the conceptual drawings, and how you can be a significant help by choosing one of five sponsorship levels and helping to make CGBSD a great place to learn. Please continue to check my blog for fitness center construction updates.

Friday, January 2, 2015

CGBSD Strategic Plan 2014-2019

CGBSD Board and Administration Develop District Strategic Plan 
R Way 2014-2019

The CGB Board of Education and administration embarked on a strategic planning process during the first four months of the 2014-2015 school year that included priority setting exercises, action item rankings, goal setting priorities, and associated strategic work. The district’s strategic plan that resulted provides four essential priority areas and related action items that will be reviewed, revised, and evaluated using a continuous improvement model to guide the district’s progress in achieving its vision in making CGBSD the 4K through grade 12 educational system of choice. The strategic plan includes the following priority areas and related action items:

1.Improve academic achievement and academic growth and to ensure students are college and career ready.
-Provide rigorous, relevant K-12 grade curriculum and effective instruction and
-Integrate technology devices, applications and tools to enhance student learning.
-Develop a comprehensive grades K-12 teacher professional development plan focused
      on technology integration and teaching diverse learners.

2. Provide safe, clean, and up-to-date facilities.
-Add a fitness center facility
-Add campus softball field
-Update track surface, football/soccer field
-Upgrade pool
-Add auditorium

3.Enhance student educational experience through a variety of curricular and 
co-curricular opportunities.
-Expand middle school and high school summer school course offerings unrelated to
-Provide high school elective courses associated to visual/performing arts and foreign
-Expand middle school and high school after school club offerings unrelated to athletics.
-Provide a middle school intramural program and high school intramural program.

4.Engage community through effective communication processes and feedback loop.
-Develop, implement, and maintain effective communication systems.
-Implement communication methods for community and parent feedback and input.
-Develop and implement a continuous improvement model.

*Please continue to review my blog entries as a way to keep informed about CGBSD’s progress.